[Zope] Renaming Folders

Isaac Claymore clay@dawning.com.cn
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 20:10:25 +0800

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 12:40:34PM +0200, Oliver Bleutgen wrote:
> Isaac Claymore wrote:
> >Hi folks, here's my problem:
> >
> >The former admin of my Zope site causally named folders like
> >"Doc/DocProduct/DocProductBlah". As you can see, there are too much
> >redundant information in the folder structure, and I've been wanting
> >to change it to "Doc/Product/Blah" for a long time. 
> >
> >But the problem is that there're many documents referring to that old
> >folder structure, scattering all over the site.
> >
> >I wonder if it's possible to change the folder names and references
> >automatically, hope i'm not day-dreaming, finding and fixing all those
> >links is going to a nightmare...
> >
> >
> >Thanks for any hint or suggestion.
> You can't fix this automatically, I fear. The replace support product
> to be found at http://www.zope.org/Members/shh/ReplaceSupport should 
> help you, though.
> HTH,
> oliver

I've installed ReplaceSupport product, and it worked every where in my
site except my Plone site folder and all folders beneath it, exactly
where I'd expect to take the replace operation.

I believe it's not a problem of permissions, and it is that
ReplaceSupport doesn't play well with Plone. Searching 'ReplaceSupport
Plone' at Zope.org also gave no useful answer...

Thanks anyway for your hint, it'll be a wonderful tool for my future
admin work.



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