[Zope] Selecting which objects to loop over

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 19:26:32 +0200

Rafael Cordones Marcos wrote at 2003-6-16 19:14 +0200:
 > ...
 > How do I filter objects in the <dtml-in> tag based on some object property?
 > For instance, I want to loop over a set of objects in current directory, like, 
 > say all DTML Document objects that have an id (name) that begins with "tab-".
 > I have tried with:
 > <dtml-in expr="objectValues('DTML Document')">
 >     <dtml-if expr="_.string.find(id, 'tab-') == 0">
 >           <p>Object title: &dtml-title;</p>
 >     </dtml-if>
 > </dtml-in>
 > But I get a 
 > Error Type: AttributeError
 > Error Value: namefind

"id" is a dangerous name. Sometimes, it is a string and
sometimes (in your case) it is a method.

Always use "getId" (which is a method).


	<dtml-if expr="getId().startswith('tab-')">