[Zope] zope Extensions on mdk 9.1

francis cornut francis.cornut@derivexperts.com
17 Jun 2003 19:10:52 +0100

Hi to all,
I started using zope about a month ago and I enjoy it so congatulations
I installed mdk9.1 with their zope rpm. It is working fine, what I found
(may be not the best way to do it):
- run zpasswd access in /var/lib/zope to change the password.
- if you need to change the parameters to z2.py (port nb for ex)
edit /usr/sbin/zope-server
now I am struggling trying to find my favourite Extensions directory.
It is not in zope home: /usr/lib/zope so I created one but I still get
module could'nt be found.
Any ideas?
francis cornut <francis.cornut@derivexperts.com>