[Zope] Re: Authentication Error on python script db submit

Tino Wildenhain tino@wildenhain.de
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 08:31:54 +0200

Hi Wayne,

hehe. Usually I like to direct people
to the fact there are better alternatives
when it comes to mySQL ;) Good to see
you know that already ;)
Postgresql is performing fine here under heavy


Wayne Connolly wrote:
> Tino, You are correct, as long as you take into
> account that MySQL has limitations as does zope.
> External Methods may help but not completely. The fact
> is that as the MySQL 4 is very buggy and incorrectly
> documented also it does allow mixed inserts and
> updates... so im still using 3.23. 
> Actually i hate MySQL now... it is crap. Im moving
> over to PostGreSQL. atleast it is DBAPI-2.0
> complient...better to bite my tounge though...
> mysql in our dev environ is hopelessly sad.. makes me
> go koo-koo.