[Zope] Zope request lockup on ZEO setup

Stefan Bund sbund@artec-berlin.com
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:19:00 +0200

Dear List,

since two days I am now banging my head against a seemingly simple
Zope setup which just does not want to work.

I need to install a Zope server with to instances running against the
same object database via ZEO. This same setup is working flawlessly in
our development environment.

To make a clean install, I started from scratch and downloaded
Zope-2.6.2b2 (the full Linux binary version) and ZEO-2.0.1b1.

I set up ZEO to run from the Zope-2.6.2-Diretory and creatade a new
Directory for the first Zope instance. Starting the instance without
ZEO works flawlessly, a new Data.fs is created in
INSTANCE_HOME/var. Starting ZEO also does not produce any errors
neither on the console nor in the ZEO_EVENTS.log and a new Data.fs is
created in ZOPE_HOME/var, where ZEO is running.

Now, when I install the custom_zodb.py into the INSTANCE_HOME, the
Zope server still comes up against ZEO. I can watch the Data.fs in
ZOPE_HOME grow as the initial objects are created. But the first
request (whatever it is, e.g. http://localhost or
http://localhost/manage) blocks indefinitely. According to top, Zope
is idling along and doing nothing and according to ethereal, the
request does not trigger *any* traffic to the ZEO server and no
response is sent back to the web-browser.

I tried to find the place, where the systems is blocking but got
nowhere. I used sys.settrace to trace all function calls only to find,
the sys.settrace is thread specific ;-/ no dice.

I am now utterly helpless and have no idea how to go on.  Hopefully
someone on this mailing-list can shed a light on this problem.

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