[Zope] Sorting a list of folders based upon PART of the folder id

mclinden@informed.net mclinden@informed.net
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:35:11 -0400

Thanks to Max and others, I have gotten closer to the final goal. My 
apologies to those who might be bored by the question...

I have defined the Python Script "dsuJudgeSort" (with parameter jlist) as:

        decorated = [(o.getId()[-1], o.getId()[0]) for o in jlist]
        return [d[-1] for d in decorated]

And a ZPT with

python:container['dsuJudgeSort'](here.objectValues('Plone Folder'));"

and get:

TypeError: sequence index must be integer

Suggestions or help are appreciated.

Sean McLinden
Allegheny County Health Department