[Zope] repository with revisions and verson control

J Cameron Cooper jccooper@jcameroncooper.com
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:41:09 -0500

>I'm working on project where the implementation of some kind of repository for 
>various types of documents is necessary. The main features to implement for 
>this repository are:
>- version control:
>   - history
>   - reviewing
>   - undoing changes
>   - rolling back to any revision
>   - immediate (read only) acces to every revision
>- files locking
>I've checked OFSP and it's Version support... nice idea but unfortunately I'll 
>need to create a private sesion for each accesed document... it does't looks 
>like solution rather like workaround. Also the project seems a bit abandoned 
>The concept of my project is closer to CVS like system than to one presented 
>in OFSP.
>Is there a way to implement such thing in easier way than writing the support 
>for using ZODB transtactions in project from scratch?
The OFS 'Version' is really a (possibly soon-to-be-reomved) site-admin 
tool. As you noticed, they won't help you much in your search for 
revision control.

The Zope community seems to have decided that it's best to pursue 
revision control outside the ZODB, which makes sense to me.

The ZopeVersionControl project does this, and while I don't know how 
useful it is on its own, it forms the backbone of a real 
revision-control system in the form of CMFStaging. Since you're in the 
realm of content management, you really need to head on over to the CMF 
world. Add CMFStaging to CMF and you've got most or all of the above 
requirements covered.

For a more polished and complete distribution/implementation of the 
Content Management Framework, there's Plone, which will probably ship 
CMFStaging in the next release. And although you don't seem so keen on 
CVS, there's even an (unfinished) CVS-backed versioning for CMFStaging 
in the Collective.