[Zope] Zope request lockup on ZEO setup

Stefan Bund sbund@artec-berlin.com
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 09:57:56 +0200

Again following up to my own posting ...

New information: I found the real Problem. Now I would like an
explanation and a workaround ...

To recapitulate: I have to Zope setups, our development setup, which
is working and a new setup which fails. Both use the same Zope and ZEO

There is one notable difference: The development setup is running
on port 8080, the new setup must run on port 80. Therefore, our
development setup is started as user zope (using su) whereas the new
setup is started as user root with the -u zope options.

I know, I should put a proxy before Zope, but this new setup is for
in-house use only, and therefore I thought the proxy not to be

The Moment I start the new setup on port 8080 with su, the ZEO
connection starts working !! What the heck ... 

I really cannot fathom the reason for the observer behavior:

  o started as root with -u zope and no ZEO: working

  o started as zope with su and no ZEO: working

  o started as zope with su and ZEO: working

  o started as root with -u zope and ZEO: *NOT* working

And to reiterate: Not working means, that python just wont start the
additional service threads: start_new_thread is called successfully in
../ZRendezvous.py but the new thread never starts executing the code
from ../ZServerPublisher.py. 

So: I think I'll have to delve into pound as proxy, but I really would
like an explanation for this behavior ... I don't get it ...

Very baffled and curious,


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