[Zope] Attributes

J Cameron Cooper jccooper@jcameroncooper.com
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 10:03:43 -0500

>> yup. when you call the image, you get a complete img tag.
> So how do I find out tidbits like that?
>> <img src="../images/ldmlMenu_01.png" width="170" height="2" border="0"
>>  tal:attributes="src here/images/ldmlMenu_01.png/absolute_url">
>> <img src="../images/ldmlMenu_01.png" width="170" height="2" border="0"
>>  tal:replace="structure here/images/ldmlMenu_01.png/tag">
> And the methods for the image object? Is there a definitive reference 
> for all these objects?

The *definitive* reference is [drumroll] the source. If you read the 
source -- even just the method definitions -- of the Image object (which 
is, by the way, is with File in OFS/Image.py) and its parents, you will 
know exactly what it can do.

And yes, I know that's not what you wanted to hear. The Zope API 
reference, either from the online help system or from the appendicies of 
the Zope Book, is often very useful. In the case of the Image, it would 
have told you exacty what you wanted to know. In other cases it is less 
than useful, such as with the fictional ObjectManagerItem. Perhaps by 
fiddling with pydoc or DocFinderEverywhere we can get a better API 
reference. I haven't tried yet.