[Zope] Zope request lockup on ZEO setup

Stefan Bund sbund@artec-berlin.com
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 17:38:03 +0200

Paul Winkler <pw_lists@slinkp.com> writes:
> this is exactly the behavior i observe too, with zope 2.6.1.
> I think -u is broken.

Thank you... it is comforting to see that I have not lost my mind :-)

>> And to reiterate: Not working means, that python just wont start the
>> additional service threads: start_new_thread is called successfully in
>> ../ZRendezvous.py but the new thread never starts executing the code
>> from ../ZServerPublisher.py. 
> I didn't trace it that far, but I think we're seeing the same behavior.
> I did notice that when starting with -u zope
> I tried a few straces and there did seem to
> be some threading weirdness going on.

Yes, it s really weird... I just can t find any connection between the
threading issues and the usage of ZEO. Hmpf.

I hope, some python god will delve into this to find a solution. It
feels a bit awkward, that a bug like this is sleeping there. And I
personally don t find it very comforting to know, it will hopefully
only happen with -u... to feel sure I d like to know a little bit

> another alternative, which we used as a workaround on linux:
> use iptables to do port forwarding. 

I thought of that too, but 1. there's this localhost problem and
2. pound is easy to install and filters requests, so it makes the
setup more secure ... even though on this in-house site thats not so
very important

I have it running now but that has cost me some sleepless nights...


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