[Zope] Integrate with existing http server

Andreas Jung Andreas Jung <andreas@andreas-jung.com>
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:18:16 +0200

--On Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2003 11:02 Uhr -0500 Kevin Rattai 
<kevin@uveais.ca> wrote:

> On 18 Jun 2003 at 22:36, Andy McKay wrote:
>> Kevin Rattai wrote:
>> > Anyone?  Maybe pcgi is not the way to go?  Are there any other
>> > options for Windows, non-apache?
>> IIS? http://www.zope.org/Members/andym
> I absolutely prefer, and in some ways am locked in, to use
> OmniHTTPd.  I have looked into Apache as an alternative, but my
> needs can't justify the time required to figure out the configuration
> file.   And I haven't found a nice configuration tool that's Open Source
> / free  that runs on Windows.  IIS is simply not an option.
> What about FastCGI?  There's an ISAPI module that is supposed to
> work for IIS and Zope.  Maybe I can get it to integrate with Omni.  I
> just  can't find a good reference on it's configuration/integration with
> IIS.

Using Zope with FastCGI or through PCGI can be regarded as deprecated
and therefore it is not recommended to use it. The suggest way is
to run Zope standalone using ZServer (and if necessary behind
Apache or Squid).

> If I decide to work with Zope, is there any way to use Zserver with a
> multiple domain type of configuration, or would I be able to run multiple
> instances of Zserver on different ports?

use VirtualHosting -> see Zope Book  Virtual Hosting chapter.