[Zope] repository with revisions and verson control

Adam Szpakowski worf@optics.polsl.gliwice.pl
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:30:52 +0200

On Wednesday 18 of June 2003 22:41, J Cameron Cooper wrote:

Thanks for Your informations. They were extremly helpfull but I have still few 
questions. Last time You wrote:

> The ZopeVersionControl project does this, and while I don't know how
> useful it is on its own, it forms the backbone of a real
> revision-control system in the form of CMFStaging. Since you're in the
> realm of content management, you really need to head on over to the CMF
> world. Add CMFStaging to CMF and you've got most or all of the above
> requirements covered.

I read the ZVC Wiki page and its Vision Statement. Sounds great but 
unfortunately the project seems a bit dead. 

There are also CFMStaging and PloneStaging projects. From what i learned it 
seems that CMFStaging rise as a project for some commercial client and not as 
a general solution for Zope. It's very strictly corelated with CMF (support 
for skins, workflows and such) and is quite poorly documentated (only some 
discusions on CMFStaging from last year). The PloneStaging project is in my 
opinion aimed for close Plone support.

The last two days which I spent reading documentation and browsing the sources 
gives me one question. 
What is the future for version control in Zope and CMF? Is CMFStaging 
projected to be a general solution for version control in CMF? And is there 
any documentation for it (beside sources and some discusion on the list last 


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