[Zope] Modifying a zclass property

Stefan H. Holek stefan@epy.co.at
Mon, 23 Jun 2003 20:34:21 +0200

You cannot assign to attributes of an object from restricted Python.

What you probably want is:

eprops = context.propertysheets.ExhibitProperties

Hope this helps,

On Montag, Jun 23, 2003, at 19:19 Europe/Vienna, Fernando Martins wrote:
> Hmm, I can't see how this relates to my problem. Let me rephrase it:
> I've a ZClass ZooExhibit with an attribute like this:
> ZooExhibit.PropertySheet.ExhibitProperties.last_meal_time
> I can access last_meal_time as in
>      if (DateTime().timeTime() - context.last_meal_time.timeTime() >  
> 60 *
> 60 * 8)
> (This is being used to show information of an instance of the ZClass)
> But I can't change the value of an attribute of the instance with:
>      context.last_meal_time = DateTime()
> My problem seems to be a lack of good understanding of what is the 
> context
> object and its relation with the instance of the ZClass.

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