[zope] DBTab question

Thierry FLORAC thierry.florac@onf.fr
Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:49:12 +0200


I'm currently using DBTab (1.2) to split my Zope database into three 
entities :
 - a Data.fs for my "main" database
 - a Catalog.fs for my huge "full-text indexing" catalog
 - a Users.fs to store my users database.
These three databases are always and heavilly used by every request.

I'm now going to add several new specific applications. For each of these 
applications, I'd like to create a new data file specific to it, but I have a 
few questions about this :
 - does it have any drawback ?
 - is there any limit on the number of data files that can be used without 
performance loss ?
 - when a request is received which doesn't implies any of these specific 
applications, are database connections automatically opened on them or not ?

Thanks for any advise...


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