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Edward Muller edwardam@interlix.com
24 Jun 2003 23:34:59 -0500

install SOAPpy in your python path. make sure you can use it normally
via a script.

Create a mini script to do what you want using the following format:

filename: /<zope root>/Extensions/<xyz>.py

import SOAPpy
#or however SOAPpy should be imported

def <function name>():
  ..python code that does something with SOAPpy..
  return ..python code that returns something..

stuff in <> fill out yourself..removing the <>.. :-)

In zope create an external method, give it whatever ID you want and
whatever Title you want. The Module name will be whatever you used for
<xvy> and the Function name will be whatever you used for <function

Now you can "call" the external method from anywhere ... I usually use
the URL to test ... so if you named your function "soapy" and it's in
your zope root you would access it at ...
Assuming zope is listening on :-)

Hope that helps

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 17:26, Jeffrey Hood wrote:
> I am a relative newbie to Zope, and am having a lot of trouble getting the
> following figured out...
> I have a python script that accesses a SOAP service, and it runs fine with
> SOAPpy...  there seems to be no native SOAP support in Zope, and I did find
> a module on the Zope site for SOAPpy integration, but there are no
> instructions on how to get it set up, and I don't know how to get the
> external methods working...  I did gather that under Zope/Extensions, you
> are supposed to be able to put modules, but nothing that I do (putting the
> SOAPpy dir in there was one thing) gets anything working...  I know enough
> about Python to get the script working under the Python interpreter, but I
> can't figure out how to get Zope to recognize anything but the simple
> examples in the tutorial...
> Someone must be doing SOAP calls from a Zope page, and I just need pointed
> in the correct direction...
> Any and all help is -greatly- appreciated...
> Thanks,
> JH
> Jeffrey Hood
> jhood -
> hmcon com
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