[Zope] JavaScript Menu & Zope - set dynamic paths

Jaroslav Lukesh lsh@wo.cz
Wed, 25 Jun 2003 18:25:28 +0200

: Odes=EDlatel: Simon Forster <simon-lists@ldml.com>
: I have a dynamic menu written in JavaScript which is called from a=20
: number of different sub-folders. Seeing as Zope gives me the option of=20
: re-writing paths, I thought I'd use this to make life easier. So=20
: question:
: Given a code fragment such as:
: <a href=3D"../Welcome/index.html" onmouseover=3D"changeImages('Welcome'=
: '../images/Welcome-over.png'); return true;"=20
: onmouseout=3D"changeImages('Welcome', '../images/Welcome.png'); return=20
: true;">
: <img name=3D"Welcome" src=3D"../images/Welcome.png" width=3D"170" heigh=
: border=3D"0">
: </a>
: what's the best way to create the paths dynamically? At the moment I'm=20
: using:

Yoiu can find solution at:


but this theme was discussed here befor few time ago.
: but of course this isn't changing the path references in the JavaScript=
: function - that's my next task.

do javascript as DTML method