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With the right design and the right know-how, anything is possible.  Here's
the biggest problem with this question: technologies (i.e. app servers)
don't scale when you are talking at this threshold - solutions do.  Zope
will scale quite well, likely on par with Java app servers, but likely will
do so in different ways.

You don't say what kind of site this is.  Much of the answer depends on how
cacheable your content/pages are, how many users are required to login, etc.
It also depends on how you scale (up vs. out).  Zope has relatively good
scalability for some types of applications, and solutions are available for
clustering (ZEO), and replication (ZRS or DirectoryStorage).  With some of
the cutting edge stuff out there like ESI support in combination with Squid
3 (development branch of Squid), you could likely build quite large clusters
of Zope servers with much of the CPU intensive work out to proxy server
farms.  I know the folks at Zope Corp. are doing some really heavy-duty
stuff with ESI and cutting-edge versions of Squid to extend the reach of the
application beyond simply the app server: anything that intends to scale to
this many users would likely take this kind of approach.

One note on Zope and scalability: Zope generally scales out better than it
scales up, though with blade servers using fast interconnects, this
distinction will largely be blurred within the next few years.  Zope/Python
like single-CPU affinity for groups of threads under the same process, so
when you do choose to scale Zope heavily, using an OS capable of
processor-binding would be a requirement (newest Linux 2.4, Solaris, etc).
Low-latency for communication media between ZEO clients and the ZEO storage
server are also a good idea. 

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Hy, is there anyone than can tell me any link or documentation about a
generic Zope site (with or without CMF) performance with 1 milion of
concurrenty users? In other ways, are Zope perfomance comparable with any
other application server for enterprise portals solutions?
tnx at all
P.S excuse me for my english

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