[Zope] bug in catalog?

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:00:59 +0200

Steffen Hausmann wrote at 2003-6-27 01:38 +0200:
 > I'm having a problem with the zope catalog in combination with an
 > apache rewrite rule and I think that it is a bug of the catalog.
 > ...
 > When an item is added it gets indexed to a catalog which is located in
 > the folder /brk.
 > self.index_object()
 > This is where the problem occurs. The 'Object Identifier' of the item
 > is /edit/Berichtverwaltung/20030626213201.0.875058372091 and not
 > /brk/edit/Berichtverwaltung/20030626213201.0.875058372091 as it should
 > be. The 'path' key and the rest of the variables that get indexed are
 > correct.

Modern ZCatalog versions use "getPhysicalPath" as default
object id. There is one known whole: "CatalogAware" still
uses the old method based on "absolute_url". Use "CatalogPathAware"