[Zope] Beginner question: how to compile Python component?

Mark Barratt markb@textmatters.com
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 22:03:14 +0100

Zope 2.6.1, running direct (no Apache proxy) from Linux.

I have a problem with awstats, a log analyser, reading the Zope Z2.log 
files. Web search suggests the problem is a spurious space in the 
http_server.py file.

I have fixed the space but presumably I need to do more to make it 
happen? There is an http_server.pyc file in medusa. All the .pyc files 
are dated from the date I installed Zope, but I don't want to reinstall 
everything. Do I? Can I recompile just this file? How?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Mark Barratt