[Zope] curious list problem

Mark Nenadov mark@freelance-developer.com
27 Jun 2003 19:05:32 -0400


Thanks for the tip. It didn't work, though. Apparently the "thing" that
I assumed to be a 'dict' isn't really one. It works just like a 'dict'
(thing['items']), but it is actually an object instance.  

I did find a solution, indirectly. I've discovered that if I use a
one-liner TALES expression with the Formulator product, I can accomplish
what I was eventually trying to accomplish by emptying the array and
refilling it. So, I don't even need to empty the array at all now.

Anyways, problem solved. Thanks to everyone on the list who replied.


On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 16:57, Dylan Reinhardt wrote:
> Try:
> <dtml-call "thing.update({'items':[]})">
> HTH,
> Dylan