[Zope] Re: Returning an unrendered DTML Document object to a ZPT

Dominic Hiles Dominic.Hiles@bristol.ac.uk
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 10:59:53 +0100

Hi Evan,

Problem solved!  I suddenly realised that the problem may have been the 
means by which I was trying to debug - I was using tal:content to view the 
variable and in doing so was causing it to be rendered, whereas just using 
a tal:define does exactly what you suggested and works properly!

Many thanks for your help,


--On 29 June 2003 15:31 +0100 Dominic Hiles <Dominic.Hiles@bristol.ac.uk> 

>> Are you *positive* that it's getting passed to the template unrendered in
>> the first place?
> Yep, absolutely - it shows up unrendered in the args list, it's just when
> I try to access it as a specific item from that list (via a python
> expression) that it's rendered.
> Cheers,
> Dominic