[Zope] ParsedXML Documentation / Examples?

Duncan M. McGreggor duncan@adytumsolutions.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 07:22:52 -0400

zoper@disturbance.dhs.org wrote:

>After searching all afternoon, I have found a ton of periphery 'about'
>type information re: ParsedXML, but I am having trouble locating any
>substantive documentation, or in particular, examples. I'm interested in
>DTML examples, PythonScript examples, anything.
>Any pointers appreciated.

Have you checked out ZopeXMLMethods instead? It's the latest/greatest
XML Parser for zope. Works beautifully with 4Suite... or are you using
ParsedXML for specific reasons?

There's a great ZopeXMLMethods tutorial that gives you examples; it also comes with ready-to-go xml and xsl (the tutorial uses these).