[Zope] Zcatalog, full text index, and size issues

Stacy Roberts stacyl_roberts@yahoo.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:59:19 -0700 (PDT)

My Data.fs is growing by an average 200K each time I
add an object to my application. Please note that I
have added the code to cause a reindexing of the
Catalog after such an object is added. I have 
narrowed this size increase down to being a result of
calling the reindex_object() method in order to update
my Catalog with the change. My question is if this is
a side effect of having my classes be CatalogAware. I
have a full text index that is rather lengthy. It 
handles the container object and all subobjects
(possibly 200+ 'data element' objects). Once I removed
my full text index, the size decreased to about 27K
per operation. 

If my problem is a side effect of using a full text
index or the ZCatalog, what alternative can I explore?
I MUST be able to provide a search capability on the
entire text, but I can't afford a 200K increase for
each little change. I have to be able to handle 2K+ of

these operations daily.

Thanks in advance,

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