[Zope] Re: zope tal / external method woes continued...

Jeffrey Hood jhood@hmcon.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:29:39 -0400

>>It seems (to me with my limited python/zope knowledge) that the tal is
>>looking for something other than a list of lists, and it can't handle
>>it... although now at least I don't have security issues...
>>Question is...  what can I do ???  If I have to change the return value,
>>what should it be, and if I can use it, how can I use it with tal...
> It works for me when I use the list representation you gave as the
> return value of a Python Script, suggesting that the problem is not in
> the display. It may be because of a typo in your external method, which
> should say::
> results = []
> Notice the 'gets'.
> Make sure you're returning what you think you're returning. If that's
> not it, you need to take a good close look at that traceback. The
> problem is probably exposed in /jhood/show_records around line 34. Is
> that where the code you show above came from? Trace back where you got
> 'item'.
> Fyi, I can also do::
>     <table border="1" tal:define="data python:here.asdf()">
>     <tr tal:repeat="record data">
>         <td tal:repeat="elt record"><span tal:replace="elt"/></td>
>     </tr>
>     </table>
>              --jcc

Thanks a million...  you pointed me to what happened to be the fault...  I
*assumed* (obviously incorrectly) that tal that was <!-- --> commented out
wasn't running or being interpreted...  that line was in code that I
thought was commented out, and now all works as it should...  thanks again
for getting me in the right direction...



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