[Zope] 3rd party eloctronic payment solutions

Dylan Reinhardt zope@dylanreinhardt.com
Mon, 03 Mar 2003 12:43:30 -0800

At 12:30 PM 3/3/2003, AM wrote:
>Does anybody have any experience with integrating third party electronic 
>payment solutions with a zope site?
>If yes which one would you recommend?
>ANs how hard or easy is it to do it?

I've integrated with Authorize.Net without much difficulty.  There are 
Python scripts available at SourceForge for several common gateways that 
were pretty easy to adapt to this purpose:


The hardest part of the whole thing isn't integration with the gateway, but 
building a secure client interface, implementing SSL and making a 
determination about how to store the resulting data securely.