[Zope] Supported Processor for Zope

McDonnell, Larry lmcdonnell@protonenergy.com
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 09:12:55 -0500


Sorry microprocessors (Intel, AMD, etc)

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On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, McDonnell, Larry wrote:
> After a couple of Google searches, I cannot find the answer to this
> question, What processors are support or have worked with Zope? I am in
> process of creating some zope services for some customers. In order to
> cost down but at the same time avoid any compatibility issues, I am asking
> the list this question. Thanks.

Can you clarify your question?  What do you mean by "processors"?  Zope
requires Python (duh..) and C/C++ for extensions and an operating system 
that supports sockets with the features required by Zserver.  Most folks
use Squid or Apache in front of Zope which adds additional constraints.