[Zope] 3rd party eloctronic payment solutions

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Tue, 04 Mar 2003 07:58:11 -0800

Thanks all. Unfortunately I specifically need credit card transaction=20
handlers, since that is the nature of our customer base. I will report=20
my experiences regarding the vendor I choose to the list in the hopes=20
that it might be useful to someone.


Marc Burgauer wrote:

>If you want to go down the easy route, use PayPal. They have two options=
>either single purchase items or a shopping cart. You add some HTML-form =
>to your catalogue that gets submitted to the PayPal site.
>PayPal takes care of all the payment details (SSL, card verification, et=
>It took me 3 hours from reading their documentation to completion to add=
>"Buy now" option to a catalogue built in Zope.
>To activate an account with PayPal, you need to give them your (or your
>customers) credit card details. They will take out a small payment (in m=
>case it was =A31.95) and when you get your next statement, there's an ID=
>that payment that you need to submit at the PayPal site to activate your
>I accessed my credit card statement on-line and got the ID 2 days after =
>submitted my details.
>They take a small percentage off each transaction. No setup fees.
>Of course, this is not a big-scale solution! ;-) But you didn't say you =
>big and it is REALLY easy!
>The customer I have implemented this for has sold goods worth approx.
>=A320'000 in its first pay-enabled month! (February 2003) So I don't thi=
>people have a problem giving PayPal their credit card details.
> =20
>>Does anybody have any experience with integrating third party electroni=
>>payment solutions with a zope site?
>>If yes which one would you recommend?
>>ANs how hard or easy is it to do it?
>>   =20
> =20

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