[Zope] DCOracle2 and processes

Scott Pierce scott.pierce@sonopress.com
05 Mar 2003 13:53:24 -0500

This might be a database connection/zope thing or specifically a
DCOracle2 thing but here goes.

When creating a product I generally create a 'SQL' directory and
programatically within the product initialization add zsqlmethods to the

Then within the product I will reference the SQL directory with a
getattr.  Early on I was doing this where ever necessary vs. putting it
in the __init__ and referencing it from the class.  Doing the former
causes an Oracle connection for each time it is referenced.

So if I have a method within a class called by a DMTL page that does
something like:
sqlF = getattr(self, 'SQL')

A process is created with an Oracle connection each time the page is
hit.  I have moved these into the __init__ like so:
self.sqlF = getattr(self, 'SQL')

w/out this problem and that makes sense.  However, I would still like to
get some idea why the connections get created just referencing it the
way I previously had it.

Any insights?

Scott Pierce <scott.pierce@sonopress.com>
Sonopress LLC