[Zope] odbc da for zope on linux

andy andy@bigorangelovebus.net
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 13:21:06 +0000


Am I right in syaing that there is no such DA for zope running on linux? 
I can find the DA for the win platform, but can't find an equivalent for 
Linux..... I need to access information in an Access copied on a Linux 
server (where zope will also be running). All the clients connected to 
the server are Win98, so can't run Zope as a service anywhere else. Not 
sure if there's a problem with accessing data from this db if it's on 
the Linux server - if there is then I'll just point the DB request to 
one of the network machines. But first I need to get an adapter that 
works, and so far I can't see one.