[Zope] Re: Some VHM questions

Evan Simpson evan@4-am.com
Thu, 06 Mar 2003 12:37:38 -0600

AM wrote:
> I have a zope site running behind apache 2.0. The zope istnace has a VHM 
> in there that maps to a domain. I had a few questions about the VHM 
> workings.
> The problem is I can access /test or for that matter any other URL 
> outside nbs_online via the url nbs.neuro-bs.com/test

This isn't (directly) a VHM issue.  What you're seeing is Zope 
acquisition, a powerful feature that can have surprising effects.

Fundamentally, acquisition means that when you ask the object at 
'/nbs_online' for the name 'test', Zope searches for 'test' in 
'/nbs_online' and then in '/', where it finds it.  In general, if 'a' 
contains 'b' contains 'c', and you ask for '/a/b/c/d', Zope will search 
for 'd' in 'c', then 'b', then 'a', then the root.

I advise reading about acquisition in the Zope Book at www.zope.org.


Evan @ 4-am