[Zope] zope crashes on first hit

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 19:48:25 +0100

Bill Seitz wrote at 2003-3-5 14:15 -0800:
 > I moved z2.log, z2.pid, data.fs.tmp, and data.fs.lock
 > to a subfolder, then started up again.
 > Now things work fine.
 > Except I seem to have lost all changes since 4 months
 > ago.

Almost unbelievable...
"Data.fs" has the structure of a transactional log file,
i.e. each modification results in a transactional record
to be appended to "Data.fs". This is very robust
unless something truncates the file (or packs it).

You made regular backups of your "Data.fs"?
You should have; if not, start doing it now!

You can use "fsdump.py" to analyse the content of
your Data.fs. Attention, the output may be huge.
You are interested in the most recent transactions:
what is their time?