Re[2]: [Zope] Read conflicts

Dieter Maurer
Thu, 6 Mar 2003 20:52:21 +0100

Jakub Wisniowski wrote at 2003-3-6 12:03 +0100:
 > Thanks for reply.
 > My SESSION holds only Python dictionary with logged user's data. Is it
 > checked on every page to let me know if the user has been logged in.
 > Maybe I should switch from a dictionary to a list? Sounds rather strange...
 > One more info - my Zope's version is 2.6.1.

This is not your problem....

   You can stick with dictionaries.

   When you use objects that are itself persistent,
   then you can reduce the conflict probability,
   however, the conflict probably happens already on the main
   session object (updating its "last accessed time").
   If this were true, then "application level conflict resolution"
   (Howto on might help.