[Zope] assignment to form records

Fernando Martins fmartins@hetnet.nl
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 00:04:18 +0100

From: Dieter Maurer
> Fernando Martins wrote at 2003-3-6 01:32 +0100:
>  > I've two forms who pass a similar record to their scripts.
> Each script does
>  > its own processing, "normalising" the record. The record is
> then passed to
>  > another script which does common processing and final storage
> in a table.
> You can pass dictionaries instead of records.

Yes, but I just needed to modify a maximum of two fields and in a set of 12.
It would result in ugly and inefficient code.

hmm, unless there's some way to automatically convert an object to a
dictionary? (like a list comprehension or dict())

For the record, the obvious solution is to take these two away from this
particular record, but a general solution would be better.

> An alternative:
>   "Products.PythonScripts.standard" defines the record
>   factory "Object" (maybe different case, check the source).
>   It returns a writable "record".

I tried this script:

import Products.PythonScripts.standard

ObjFields = Products.PythonScripts.standard.Object()
ObjFields = Fields
ObjFields.a_field = 10

and I got the same error:

> Error Type: TypeError
> Error Value: attribute-less object (assign or del)

Can you spot what's wrong?