[Zope] How to avoid recursive links and make it absolute???

John Paul rmpconsult2@mydestiny.net
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 10:19:23 +0800

Hi below is my code that renders a link when  a document is created. My
question is:  How can i avoid recursive links and make it absolute url's?

<div tal:define="auth_filter nocall: modules/ZTUtils/LazyFilter;
                   default_types python:( 'Document');
                   types types | here/show_content_types | default_types;
                   raw_items python:
here.contentValues(filter={'portal_type': types } );
                   items python: auth_filter( raw_items, skip='View' );
				   objects here/objectValues;
                   sort_on python:(('title', 'nocase', 'asc'),
				   ('bobobase_modification_time', 'cmp', 'desc'));
                   sorted_objects python:sequence.sort(items, sort_on)">
  <div tal:condition="items">
	<table width="100%" border="0">
	  <tr tal:repeat="item sorted_objects">
		<td class="ActionLink" align="center">
			   <a href="item_url" tal:attributes="href item/absolute_url"
				tal:content="item/Title"> Title </a>