External Editor on the MAC ? Was: Re: [Zope] External Editor

Edward Muller edwardam@interlix.com
07 Mar 2003 00:13:02 -0600

Does an External Editor helper application exist? I have a client I
recently did a bunch of zope work for and their HTML designers are
getting a little annoyed with <textarea/>. And for security reasons the
client wants the FTP server disabled .. as well as DAV ... Even though I
explained ipchains/tables to them ...

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 13:52, Tim wrote:
> Michael wrote on Thursday, March 6, 2003, 1:18:44 PM:
> > Does anyone have any hints on how to "configure the editor"?
> I'm using ExternalEditor with gvim on XP Pro, as you are. I did no
> special configuration (that I can recall) beyond the simple:
> editor = h:\vim\gvim.exe
> in the ZopeEdit.ini
> Works great. I don't experience any "connection lost" problems. So
> this message is not much help, except to say i don't think that
> snippet you quoted from the ZopeEditor site applies here.
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