[Zope] Virtual Host Newbie

Zoper zoper@libero.it
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 13:29:36 +0100

Hi All.
I started playing with VHM, but I have some problem.
This is my apache configuration.

         ServerName www1.antonella.it
         RewriteEngine on
         RewriteRule ^/(.*)
HostRoot/$1 [P]

I have a folder www1 on Zope. When I send this request


I obtain the index_html object present in the www1 folder

  <dtml-var standard_html_header>
  <!-- index_html -->
  l'home page
  <p><a href="ciao">Ciao a tutti<a></p>
  <dtml-var standard_html_footer>

Ok, but when I click on ciao (it exist) I obtain nothing more then a refresh
of index_html. Why?

Best regards.