[Zope] Single authentication for several servers

Thierry FLORAC thierry.florac@onf.fr
Fri, 7 Mar 2003 18:56:38 +0100


I'd like to setup this environment :
 - I have a first site, handled by Zope, behind an Apache server and rewrite 
rules. Authentication on this server is done throught an LDAP server with 
 - I have a second site on a different server, handled by Apache+PHP. 
Authentication on this server is done throught the same LDAP server, so with 
the same login/password, throught mod_ldap.

My problem is that when I switch from the first server to the second, I'd like 
to avoid a second authentication. So my idea was to access to server2 
throught "http://www.site1.com/site2", with Apache handling a new rewrite 
rule in proxy mode. Do you think that it should work (I can't test easilly 
before asking you !!)  ??

Of course :
 - I don't have any SSO solution ;
 - I can't rebuild my PHP application with Zope before several months :-((
(but I can update scripts to take the new access path into account).

Thanks for any help or advise.


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