[Zope] problems with msie 6

J Cameron Cooper jccooper@jcameroncooper.com
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 18:28:51 -0600

> I'm quite new to zope and I have a little problem with msie 6:
> I created a formulator form. When it is submitted a python script is 
> called that validates the entries and then calls a zsql method that 
> inserts them in a mysql table. With Mozilla, msie 5.X all works fine, 
> but using msie 6 the entries are inserted two or three times. No error 
> messages appear in the  error_log so I have no idea where to look.
> (Zope version is 2.6.0, formulator version is 1.2.0)
> Any hints?

Error messages would be unlikely in this case, since it seems that IE6 
is being overzealous (ie stupid) about its POSTing.

Look at the server logs (var/z2.log) and see if there are multiple 
requests where there should only be one. If so, it may be entirely the 
client's fault.

Make a Python script that counts how many times it's called (increment a 
property on the container.) Hit that from the form you're having 
problems with, and from one you made yourself. Is the result the same, 
or how is it different?

You can insert the timestamp along with your data in the ZSQL method, too.

By trying out this sort of thing, you can get closer to what's actually 
going wrong, and where. From what you said above, it's hard to say.