[Zope] popular distributions

jwsacksteder@ramprecision.com jwsacksteder@ramprecision.com
Sat, 8 Mar 2003 02:02:29 -0500

Without starting any arguments, I would like to find out what sort of
distributions are popular for deploying zope servers. I would like to use a
common distribution like Redhat, but getting binary packages for common DA's
is painfully obtuse. I have  used the windows packages with the binary ODBC
DA an the install went great, the downside is, well, windows. I won't deploy
a production server with compilers on it. Some thing like Gentoo with it's
build-from-source design and  ability to do package management would be
great, But zope isn't  well supported- I would still have to assemble
packages myself or build various binary parts by hand. 

What is the most common deployment in zope production systems?