[Zope] popular distributions

Dylan Reinhardt zope@dylanreinhardt.com
Sat, 08 Mar 2003 19:35:50 -0800

At 03:13 PM 3/8/2003, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>>The only system I wouldn't really recommend is Mac OS 10.1.  The compiler 
>>support is pretty thin and there's no Python 2.1.3 binary... from what 
>>I've heard, this is better in 10.2.
>i'm not sure what you mean by "compiler support". OS X 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 
>all have complete developer packages you can install with compilers etc. 
>there really isn't much of a difference.

10.2 ships with gcc 3.x and its related support files.  10.1 and 10.0 use 
gcc 2.95... which was (a gcc guru once told me) less than adequately 
provided with working support files.  I'm not a gcc guru myself, so I can't 
claim any greater understanding than that.

As I understand it, that's a main reason why the hasty migration to Jaguar 
was necessary and why a point-one version change in the OS renders binaries 
incompatible between versions.  It also appears to explain why stuff like 
Safari doesn't get back-ported to 10.1.

In 10.1, you have to compile Python using a process far more obscure than 
the standard configure/make dance before you can get around to setting up 
Zope.  That's a hassle I've not encountered on other unix-ish platforms.

But I know you have more than a passing familiarity with this issue... your 
howto on compiling Python for 10.1 was a life-saver one Saturday 
afternoon.  Thanks for that, BTW. :-)