[Zope] Debugging Zope Products

Derek Basch dbasch@yahoo.com
Sun, 9 Mar 2003 11:12:56 -0800 (PST)

Hello everyone,
I am trying to understand how to use the interactive
dubugger and am stuck on something. At the very
beginning of the "Interactive Debugging" section of
the Zope Developers Guide:


There is this paragraph:

"So, for the sake our example, let's say that you have
a News object which is defined in a Zope Product
called ZopeNews, and is located in the
lib/python/Products/ZopeNews directory. The class that
defines the News instance is also called News, and is
defined in the News.py module in your product."

I do not understand what the author means by "News
object"? What exactly is a News object and how was it
defined? Is it a class that was registered with the
registrar object during product initialization?

What would really help me is a tutorial using a real
Zope product rather than a fake one like in the
Developers Guide. Can anyone clear my confusion?

Derek Basch


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