[Zope] How to get the path?

Sorin Marti mas@semafor.ch
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 08:56:22 +0100

Dylan Reinhardt wrote:

> At 11:30 PM 3/9/2003, Sorin Marti wrote:
> If you're asking how to get the path where the client stored the file 
> they're uploading, you can't.  That information is not provided by any 
> browser I'm aware of... it's considered private and/or sensitive.
> If you're looking for a way to specify a path where an uploaded file 
> should be stored on the server's filesystem, you could allow the client 
> to specify it with a text box or select control.  But if you're really 
> looking to upload a bunch of files to a remote filesystem, there are far 
> better ways to do this, like ftp and scp.
> If you're looking for how to upload files to Zope, take a look at the 
> HTML source behind the Add File interface... it should tell you most of 
> what you need to know.
> HTH,
> Dylan

My problem is following:

In our intranet it should be possible to upload TeX-Sources. These 
Sources I want to compile into a pdf and a html version and then I want 
to store them in different folders.

So: I don't want to upload a file to zope because (I hope I'm right) 
then it is stored as a zope object in the zope-filesystem (or how that 
is called..) and I can't manipulate the file then... right?

So what I want to do is: upload ONE file into servers filesystem and I 
haven't found a good homepage explaining how to solve that problem...

BTW: I knoe that there is stuff like DTML-TeX and the possibility to 
create pdf on the fly, but I want to try it by myself...

Thanks for any advices, links and hints...


PS: I am working under linux.