[Zope] problems with msie 6

Thorsten Harms thorsten.harms@arche.ag
Mon, 10 Mar 2003 12:09:11 +0100

J Cameron Cooper wrote:
> Error messages would be unlikely in this case, since it seems that IE6 
> is being overzealous (ie stupid) about its POSTing.
> Look at the server logs (var/z2.log) and see if there are multiple 
> requests where there should only be one. If so, it may be entirely the 
> client's fault.
Yepp! There were multiple requests. I changed my scripts/forms to avoid 
this bug: Now I set a cookie first (saved=No) and check it before I 
insert any data. After inserting I change the cookie (saved=Yes). It 
surely isn't the best solution but it works.


Thorsten Harms