[Zope] prevent printing?

Chris Beaven chris@d-designz.co.nz
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:24:44 +1300

To stop the average Joe printing privileged pages, try putting:

@media print 
{ body { display:none; } }

at the end of your CSS. I haven't testied that, but I have seen similar 
instances of it used before... If it doesn't work, try wrapping the 
whole page in a div and make a custom class, hiding it the same way:

@media print 
{ .wholepage { display:none; } }

Hope that helps,
Chris Beaven

baiewola@netscape.net wrote:

>Does Zope offer a way to prevent people from printing privileged pages
>that I want certain people to be able to view but not distribute?
>Many thanks.