[Zope] Whether Zope can do the job

Stephen Liu satimis@icare.com.hk
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 15:57:02 +0800

Hi Lennart,

Thanks for your response.

Lennart Regebro wrote:
> - snip -
> It is quite possible to create that type of application with Zope, yes. 
> To search the scanned images you need OCR software. It's not included in 
> Zope, but you can integrate third-party SW. Same thing goes for PDF 
> support.

I can use Xsane for scanning.  It is a graphic-mode application  Also I 
can use "kooka" to do scan and OCR, also a graphic-mode application. 
What I need is a desktop/platform for keeping all scanned images for me 
to do some simple editing/graphic retouching work.  Of course I can use 
GIMP but it is not for such a purpose.  Also I can use "convert", a 
single line command, from ImageMagicks to convert all scanned images to 
PDF format as a book.  All of them are not an open-box solution.  Maybe 
I create some script with "python" to glue all mentioned applications. 
But I am now searching whether there is a more simple and 
straight-forward solution.

> Most likely, if you have a software that works the way you like, the 
> cheapest way will be to buy that software. But yes, you CAN do what you 
> describe with Zope + some third-party software.

I have been running PaperPort/PageKeeper/OmniPage/Pagis for years.  They 
work fine on Windows.  But I am searching for a similar application from 
OpenSource to run on Linux