Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:50:45 +0100

Leonardo Fernandes wrote at 2003-3-11 08:33 -0300:
 > Is there a way to prevent access to files in the server (pdf files, for 
 > instance).

You restrict "View" permission to these objects...

 > I intend to use sessions (REQUEST.SESSION) to control that. 
 > Is it possible?

Hm, the session object does not control (out of the box)

You may define an accessor with a proxy role providing access
to your protected files that check things in "SESSION".

Please, read the Zope Book (2.6 edition) to learn more about
these things.

 > If not, what's the better option in this case? 
 > AccessRules also don't seem to work.

In what way do they not work?

 > Second:
 > I'd like to use Session (REQUEST.SESSION) data as a parameter to another 
 > method (a Zsql Method for example). How can I do that in dtml? 

I think, I already replied to this question...

It is probably best to have: one question, one message.