[Zope] Best way to run multiple sites in one Server

Dave Hall dave-zope@dnh.sk.ca
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 13:16:27 -0600

On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 04:22:38PM -0500, Mico Siahaan wrote:
> Well, it's a sys admin newbie question ;)
> I have just been handed over a server with some sites in it (not many :)
> ). I wonder what is the best way to run multiple sites on one computer?
> I heard some ways: multiple zope server running in simultaneously, using
> virtual monster, using PCGI, using Fast CGI. What are pros and cons for
> each way? What is the best way to run multiple zope sites in one
> computer? Are there any reading materials I can read about this matter?
> (I think the old Zope Administrator Guide is not enough :) )

If you want multiple "virtual" servers with content stored on a single
Zope server, then Virtual Host Monster is what you want.  Presently I do
this with Apache as the front end, using re-write/proxy to talk to a Zope
server behind a firewall.  If the Zope server is on the same box, PCGI
should work too.

In Apache, you just map everything from a particular virtual host to the
respective path on the Zope server.  There are several examples of how to
do this, just search on Virtual Host Monster and look for Apache RewriteRule
configuration stuff.



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