[Zope] Is Zope unique? Books?

Frederic Faure ffaure@bigfoot.com
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:37:26 +0100


After building sites with PHP and templating engines, including PHITE... I 
finally saw the light and understood the advantage of using a tool that 
provides an object database at its core, and the acquisition feature.

For my personal knowledge... is Zope unique in providing those features? 
What about commercial tools like ColdFusion or MS Content Management Server?

Also, I asked the question a couple of months ago, but can't for the life 
of me find the answers to books you would recommend besides "The Zope Book" 
and "Zope Web Application Development and Content Management".

For those interested, here are others I found @ Amazon:
- The Book of Zope by Beehive
- Zope Developer's Handbook by John D. Rowell
- Zope Bible by Michael Bernstein (Author), Scott Robertson (Author)
- Zope Power Tools: by Michael R Bernstein
- Zope Web Application Construction Kit by Martina Brockmann (Editor), et al
- Professional Zope: Pro Zope by Staff Wrox Press Inc. Availability: Out of 
Print--Limited Availability
- Zope by Pierre Julien Grizel Availability: This item has not yet been 
- Programming Zope by Gold Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability