[Zope] anyone? Help getting the correct URL from absolute_url or portal_url

J Cameron Cooper jccooper@jcameroncooper.com
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 14:19:30 -0600

> Yes we have done this purposefully.

I was just making sure that you weren't having a problem where it was 
mysteriously switching ports (which would be really bizarre.)

> The main app is served from Silverstream java appserver (soon to be 
> transitioned to Websphere :) ). All of our reference content is in 
> ZOPE. It's an internal web application so users are limited in 
> bookmarking (security/HIPAA issues) and the other reasons that frames 
> don't make sense for the general web populace don't factor in for us. 

You got me. I won't try to talk you out of frames, then.

> We have multiple instances of ZOPE running so unfortunately I can't 
> hard code any urls. I have to rely on the CMF and ZOPE to return the 
> correct path for images and items via the absolute_url property or 
> whatever property will give the correct url.

That's what I meant, actually. What method are you using to construct 
your URLs, how does it render, and where does it actually point? 
(Mozilla/Netscape's View Info should be helpful in this.)

I suspect that a proper base tag will let you use relative URLs 
correctly, unless your browser/browsers in general don't work this way. 
(I really can't speak as to how that works in frames.) In which case, 
you'll have to generate port-containing URLs from Zope.