[Zope] zope process goes to sleep

AM list_subscriber@neurobs.com
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 15:22:48 -0800

Dieter Maurer wrote:

>  I was once able to provoke this behaviour by pressing
>  the "minimize" button in "Control_Panel --> Database Management
>  --> Flush Cache".
Couldnt reproduce that but thats fine.

>  Therefore, I expect the problem to be a deadlock somehow
>  related to invalidation (something requiring two looks
>  acquired in different order at different places).
Well quite frankly I didnt understand what you said here. However the 
debug log for zope does log a conflict but only for the background image 
or the css file or some such thing (mostly)

>I did not yet seriously analyse the problem.

How would I go about analysing such a problem.


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